Vote for the 2014 WILD Calendar!

Hello dear The Marine Detective community, 

I would value your input into the 2014 WILD Northern Vancouver Island Calendar. 

I have been putting together this calendar of my images for years now, in order to hopefully raise awareness about the incredible beauty, diversity and fragility of our marine environment (and our connection to it).

You can help determine what images end up in the calendar by “voting” before the end of Oceans Day – June 8th, 2013. You can do so by one of three methods:

  1. If you have a FaceBook account, you can click “like” for your favourites in the album at this link.
  2. Otherwise, you can click this link on my photo page and by hovering over the larger image, a thumbs up or thumbs down symbol appears. 
  3. You can click one of the images below to start a slide show and then leave your comments under the images; a simple “vote” or “yes” would do. I suspect that this may be the most onerous method however! 

In determining what 12 images end up in the calendar, I will also have to reflect on the diversity of the images so that there is appropriate representation of the eastern N. Pacific marine ecosystem i.e. not just all whales or all fish. 

As always – all feedback welcome! 

You can see the last two years’ WILD calendar at this link. 


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