Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.

2017 WILD Calendar

2015 calendar at UBC

Photo gives a sense of the size of the calendar . . . maybe! 2015 calendar with Blue Whale skeleton in background.

2017  .  .  . may it be a year of even greater understanding of our connection to the wild.

Below, I have shared the images from my 2017 WILD Calendar. All photos are from around NE Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA and their inclusion in next year’s calendar is largely the result of voting on social media.

I am very happy to again be sending them far and wide. Thank you so much for this. It is extremely heartening to have this support and help in increasing awareness about the life in the cold, dark NE Pacific Ocean and our connection to it, no matter how far we are from her shores.

That’s what all the photos and words are about as “The Marine Detective” and what I’ve strived for with the calendar. Inspiration. Connection. Understanding our capacity for positive change when our value systems change. Caring More. Consuming Less. Voting for the future and . . . . knowing our place IN the environment. 

Further information on the WILD calendars can be found after the calendar images below. This includes where they can be purchased.


Cover WILD Calendar 2017 ©Jackie Hildering



January image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering.



February image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering.



March image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering



April image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering



May image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering



June image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering



July image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering



August image 2017 WILD Calendar©Jackie Hildering



September image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering



October image 2017 WILD Calendar ©Jackie Hildering



November image 2017 WILD Calendar©Jackie Hildering



December image 2017 WILD Calendar©Jackie Hildering



2017 WILD Calendar back cover ©Jackie Hildering

These are large calendars printed on sturdy paper. They are coil bound, and there is a hole to hang them. Dimensions are 33 x 26.5 cm closed and 33 x 53 cm open (13 x 10.5″ closed /13 x 21″ open). They are mailed in a biodegradable, transparent plastic envelope.

[shopify product=]

Shipping: $5.50/item in Canada; $10/item for USA; $12/item for additional countries.

Calendars are also sold at Strong Nations (Nanaimo; East of Java (Port McNeill); the West Coast Community Craft Shop (Port Hardy); the Campbell River Museum and Beaver Aquatics (Campbell River); and at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea (Victoria).

And yes, these images are available as canvases. 🙂

Contact via this link.

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