Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.

Vote! 2024 WILD Calendar

Voting time!

Do you want to help decide which photos will be in my 2024 WILD calendar?

The calendar is aimed at creating awareness and positive action for the mysterious and fragile life hidden in the cold, dark, northeast Pacific Ocean.

There are 44 images in the selection. ☺️ You can select up to 13 of your favourites by June 5.

You can vote in one of two ways. Please see below.

I enjoy, and learn, a great deal from your input. It likely won’t surprise you that my motivation to share this selection of my photos with you is also to highlight the astounding life off our coast. 💙

Your votes will count heavily in determining which images will be included in the calendar. Please know that I will also have to reflect on the diversity represented in the calendar so that there is balanced colour and species representation e.g. the images in the calendar can’t all be marine mammals, kelp, fish or nudibranchs!

Feel free to indicate too if there is a photo you would like to see on the front cover or back cover. Please note that the back cover image will ONLY be on the back cover.


Two ways you can vote:

  1. Via the survey at this link .
    You don’t need to submit any personal information or have an account.
  2. Via Facebook at this link.
    You do need to have a Facebook account and have liked my The Marine Detective page.

If one of your favourite images from what I posted on social media in the last year is NOT among the photos to be voted on, this might be because that species was in last year’s calendar e.g. there won’t be an Alabaster Nudibranch in the 2024 WILD calendar because there was one in the 2023 calendar. I promise I am filing those photos to be voted on in another year.

3 Responses to “Vote! 2024 WILD Calendar”

  1. Marcel Lalonde

    Unfortunately Jackie, this is a bit unwieldy and I would suggest another format to display your images.
    We cannot really enlarge the photos, nor can we read any of the writing, nor distinguish the numbers if there are any.
    I see you have framed the photos within a poster.
    Why not have them displayed individually so they would be easier to enlarge ?
    You could have your poster as a thumbprint, and numbers on them so the audience would know which images belong.

    I also do not see a link, which you had mentioned. I am not a Facebook user and my browser has actually blocked your Facebook side panel.

    Just constructive comments from a fan ( not a sea fan ).


    • The Marine Detective

      Thank you so much Marcel.

      I really appreciate you letting me know of the confusion so that I can change the formatting and text to make things more clear.

      The collage of images is not where to vote.

      There is an embedded link at the first bullet point. This is where it leads

      Does this work for you.

      Best wishes!

  2. J B

    Voted! Thank you for the good time and journey through your photos ❤


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