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Christmas Wish for the World

As another year draws to a close, many of us reflect on stories ended and lessons learned in 2010 and focus on positive, meaningful change for 2011.

In this spirit, I share the following with you. It was written by one of the remarkable members of my Young Naturalist Club; Adrian Walker-Burroughs when he was in grade 7.


My Christmas wish is too big to fit in Santa’s sleigh – too big to fit in one hundred of Santa’s sleighs.
My wish is for a clean world of happy people, today and tomorrow.
The future is open for people to make good environmental choices.
Green cars, boats and planes have been invented, so let’s use them.
Let’s try to use vehicles that don’t impact so much on the atmosphere.
All of us can take little steps to make a big difference.
Turning off electric lights and household appliances when you’re not using them is a good way to start.
Global warming is a serious issue and the entire planet is affected.
This Christmas let’s all give a gift to our planet.
Each of us can do something to help.
Every little bit counts.
Merry environmental Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you Dear Readers.
Wishing you Oceans of Joy for 2011.

"Frosty the Humpback" by dear friend Stacey Hrushowy. Thanks to all who brought success to the Humpback Comeback Project. On January 25th we will hear if we have indeed won the $25K funding for entanglement research.

2 Responses to “Christmas Wish for the World”

  1. ev

    The gift that was just given to me is that one of our young people wrote this! I believe that our youth will truly change the world as we know it, one that we, the elders, often have had total disregard for. While we ‘adults’ backpedal (well some anyway) the youth just do it.
    Thanks to all the young people in the world that will come up with ways both simple and complex to make the world safe and sustainable!
    wishing you all the Glory of the season!


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