Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.

An Honour – Pacific Northwest Diver “Featured Photographer”

Something made me clap my hands and giggle in glee today.

Of course I want to share the cause with you but, first, a bit of context. 

I am 49 years old.

I only started diving in 1999 at age 36.

I resisted taking underwater photos until 2006, not wanting to take my above-the-ocean marine photo addiction underwater with me.

Then I was gifted an underwater camera and very soon discovered the huge conservation power of sharing these photos with others, especially when coupled with my teaching.

In 2010, “The Marine Detective” erupted, better unifying my teacher, whale researcher, photographer, and  conservationist selves and making it just a little easier to answer “So what is it you do?!”

Then there was that amazing Murray A. Newman Aquatic Conservation award  from the Vancouver Aquarium . . .

And now, I feel another milestone has been reached in whatever path The Marine Detective is on.

I am this month’s “Featured Photographer” in Pacific Northwest Diver Magazine. 

I have had the great privilege of my photos getting used for a variety of conservation purposes prior to this but this magazine is put out by peers in the Pacific Northwest Underwater Photographic Society.  The calibre of these underwater photographers humbles me, so it is a really big deal!  

Please check out the write-up and my photos in Pacific Northwest Diver at this link. 

The direct link to the e-magazine is right under my dolphin cover shot. Ooh, an additional draw for you to go to the website – the promise of a dolphin photo! 

You can subscribe there too. 

My huge thanks to editor Dan Clements for the honour, the opportunity to expand the reach of The Marine Detective, and this additional push to keep me going.

My huge thanks to you for giving me further reason to believe these efforts are worthwhile.  

Clap! Clap!  Giggle! Giggle! 

The Marine Detective honoured to be the “Featured Photographer” in Pacific Northwest Diver.

7 Responses to “An Honour – Pacific Northwest Diver “Featured Photographer””

  1. Khelly

    Congratulations! Yes, please DO continue your wonderful work and blog
    we share it here at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA

  2. George van Zuylekom

    Keep things going Jackie your doing great!! George van Zuylekom


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