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Lion’s Mane Jellyfish – Sherlock You Are Wrong!

I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph and film a lion’s mane jellyfish (Cyanea ferruginea) today.

The 1.5 minute annotated video clip below will give context to my “Sherlock – You Are Wrong” statement.  

Click here to see a short clip of the other big jelly species that can be found in our waters – the egg yolk jelly (Phacellophora camtschatica) at up to “only” 60 cm across. 

4 Responses to “Lion’s Mane Jellyfish – Sherlock You Are Wrong!”

  1. Anonymous

    Love the video! I have always wondered why the Lion’s Manes in the Johnstone Strait area have such short tentacles. Why is that? I’ve seen them in other areas like the Indian Arm where their tentacles go on forever!

    • The Marine Detective

      Hello Erin,
      The individual that I photographed was in the JS area and did have longer tentacles. Often the ones without the long tentacles are the “sad guys” seen in the tide-line at the surface that have been nipped at or are near dying. Likely it is a function of currents on the inside of Vancouver Island that we may see less of the big, robust, long-tentacled individuals?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks!! I had always wondered if it had anything to do with the currents…thanks for the info! Can always count on you!!

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