Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.

Follow Your Dreams . . .

Follow Your Dreams – and make them count.

What’s with the stained and faded photo below?

Follow Your Dreams . . . Northern Resident Killer Whales: Tsitika (A30, 1949 - 2013) and her son Pointer (A39, 1975 - 2014. Photo taken in 1999. ©Jackie Hildering;

Follow Your Dreams . . .
Northern Resident Killer Whales: Tsitika (A30, 1949 – 2013) and her son Pointer (A39, 1975 – 2014). Photo taken in 1999. ©Jackie Hildering. 

Introspection alert!

This photo has been on a beloved friend’s refrigerator for almost 16 years. I sent it to my nearest and dearest as a New Year’s greeting at the end of 1999 after leaving my “career” as a teacher and school administrator in Rotterdam.

It references following my need to be learning from Nature, not speaking about it as if it were somewhere else, and to find a more effective way to enable understanding of connection and common solutions to socio-environmental problems.

It led me back to BC; to being a deckhand; and to Orca. Orca as extraordinarily powerful ambassadors of of how wrong we can be; how quickly we can change; and the repercussions of humanity gone mad with chemical use and consumerism. It led to diving and underwater photography as part of my love of this place. It led to Humpback research when the giants returned. All the while, teaching and finding those like yourself along the way, the like-minded helping to maybe make it count all the more.

Today, I found myself staring back at this old photo, thinking back and reflecting forward. The two whales have now passed – Tsitika (A30, 1949 – 2013) and her son Pointer (A39, 1975 – 2014). Stained, fuzzy, faded, and slightly torn, the photo brings me back through the years, reminding me of how much I’ve learned from them and this place.

I feel fortified. There are more decisions to be made to take the path less travelled. I need to trust that I will look back in another 16 years feeling that my internal compass allowed me to navigate sometimes stormy, lonely, scary, unknown waters to land again where following dreams that are motivated by good, will lead to greater good.

Today, my The Marine Detective Facebook page tipped over 9,000 which is what catalyzed this introspection.

For all you here too on the blog, I want to thank you for the sense of community you provide and the fuel to keep at it through your comments, promotion, and support through calendars, canvases, etc.

From the depths . . . . thank you. 

8 Responses to “Follow Your Dreams . . .”

  1. Linda Millar

    Ditto! I’ve become such a fan of your blogs and was blown away by your photography when I saw it in person in Port McNeil this summer.


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