Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.

Words by Which to Live . . . and Breathe?

The following photo, taken recently, catalyzed the following words.

How I hope they resound with you, and maybe even that they are of use to you.

Breathe, knowing others breathe too.

It has such importance, to live knowing we share air, share water, share economies, and share fates.

Decisions made by one have the potential to negatively or positively impact those standing within 2 metres, those on the other side of the planet, and/or those who are another species. Impacts rippling on from how we vote, to how we consume, to the words we put into the world. For words carry power as strong as viruses, seeding and spreading hatred, or empowering and healing with compassion and equality.

These are difficult times, but much is being unmasked and called out for what it is re. narcissism and presumed privilege, racism and misogyny, economic disparity and how it rocks the foundations of the systems we all depend on, and in disconnect from Nature and the species we share the planet with.

Power to you all who, step-by-step, word-for-word, put good into the world, working for equality, connection and health (in its full sense – physical / mental / social / environmental).

Words by which to live and . . . breathe. 💙

Photos: Mature male Steller Sea Lion exhaling at the surface.
©Jackie Hildering
August 31, 2020 NE Vancouver Island



5 Responses to “Words by Which to Live . . . and Breathe?”

  1. Ken Christie

    Thank you Jackie,
    I repeat your messages – sending them off to many young folks who will inherit this which you show them.
    Yes, breath is life, yet, our culture creates personality, which creates beliefs and can limit, or expand , the thoughts. Thank you for inserting reality into our culture. If only I could get the kids off the screens and into the ocean !!!!
    Just simply be in that reality – so they can connect breath to All life. And by swimming they put the message into their body’s implicit memory for action.
    May they take action.

    Let us continue to prod people into expanding their world view to see the world in our seas that you love to show to us.
    Please, you Just go & have fun, and continue to do what you so wonderfully do .
    Thank you JH

  2. Margaret a.k.a. BP

    Thank you Jackie for sharing your thoughts…they encompass it all. Stay well and continue to breathe beautifully with us.

  3. Mike Robinson

    Excellent thoughts. I forwarded them to my whole family. They all have your calendar and will be following you from now on.


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