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Mystery Organism – A Jellyfish With a Stalk?!

This is a Marine Detective case for those of you who appreciate the mini-mysteries as much as the whale wonders.

Gillian Butler and Erin Paul of found this remarkable invertebrate off their kayak base camp in Johnstone Strait, north-eastern Vancouver Island in September of 2010. 

I was thrilled to get the “What’s this?” email from them as this is an organism I know is in our ocean but that I have never been able to find!

It is a jellyfish that is only 3 cm wide and is usually attached to kelp . . . by its stalk!

Stalked Jelly – photo by Gillian Butler

Yes, it is species of stalked jellyfish (stauromedusae). There is currently (2019) some discussion about if this is a new species. It was previously understood to go by the common name the “Oval-Anchored Stalked Jelly” (Haliclystus sp).

Stalked jellies never become free-swimming, bell-shaped “medusa” like most jellyfish species. Their stalk is sticky allowing them to attach to eel grass, seaweed or rocks in the shallows.  They have 8 “arms” that look like they have pom-poms at their ends.  These clusters of 30-100 tentacles have stinging cells so that the stalked jelly can catch small crustaceans and bring this food to their mouth (positioned at the centre of the 8 arms).

Only about 50 species of stalked jelly had been discovered worldwide but, recently, new extremely deep-dwelling species been discovered around hydrothermal vents.

They are remarkably mobile which you will see in the Lester B. Pearson College video at the link below. If the stalk becomes detached, the animal can hold on with its tentacles till it reattaches its stalk. The student video will also allow you to see the base of the stalk and how the arms can close up.


Thank you Gillian and Erin!


Stalked Jelly found by yours truly on July 1, 2019.


6 Responses to “Mystery Organism – A Jellyfish With a Stalk?!”

  1. gillian butler

    Hi Jackie,
    Thank you so much for clearing up our mystery so wonderfully.
    It’s a lovely little creature isn’t i!
    aaahhh the many wonders of the sea.
    love you
    I enjoyed the video thank you for posting

  2. jacqui Engel

    So fantastic! thanks for sharing Gillian and Jackie. So many things I have never seen before…

  3. John Congdon

    Thanks for the info Jackie. Janice spotted a Stalked Jelly attached to eel grass at Ogden Point, Victoria on 31 December 2016 in 25 feet of water. Very exciting find for us!


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