Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.

For You For Oceans Day – for you love her as I do.

Dear “The Marine Detective” Community,

An Oceans Day reflection for you. 

If you can’t read the text, please click the image to enlarge.

May we continue to work together to raise awareness about the great beauty and importance of our Ocean. For life on land cannot survive without the Ocean. The Ocean is the “circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive organs of our planet” (from “The Fate of the Ocean” by Julia Whitty).

More than 70% of the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from it. The Ocean feeds us and regulates our climate by buffering the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and absorbing 85% of the Earth’s heat.

We depend on her for transportation, food, water, disposal, recreation, energy, oxygen, climate regulation and … inspiration.

Happy, healthy Oceans Day to you. 

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