Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.

WILD New Year

For you – that we may live lives of greater depth in 2013 and beyond.

Happy New Year! 

Siblings T028A (born 1994) and T028B (born 1997) - mammal-eating killer whales (known as "Bigg's killer whales / "transients").

Siblings T028A (born 1994) and T028B (born 1997) – mammal-eating killer whales (known as “Bigg’s killer whales / “transients”). Photo: Hildering

3 Responses to “WILD New Year”

  1. Khelly

    We were just talking about you, thinking it was time for another newletter from you. We have had a whale of a population going by Long Beach including several Orcas. Here is the blog link I have a lot of baby sharks including Bonnet heads, zebras, Swell, Horn, Epaulette, Brown and Spotten Bamboo.

    The past 7 months as produced many new babes around here. Guess the critters are happy.
    Thank you for your treats of news and photos.

  2. John Hague

    We face a year, that if we “care more”, we will see the elimination of the possibility of super tankers sailing on a daily basis in and out of Kitimat and Vancouver. We need Alberta’s fossil fuel endowment used in Canada to a.) Offset foreign imported oil and b.) to “pay the energy input bill” for a transformation to 100% renewable energy forms. We must also learn to utilize renewable tidal, wind and solar while mitigating the inherent risks. We could lead the world with “energy farms” that are based on tidal and optimized with hydrogen, wind, solar and backed-up with LNG. Located close to loads, these farms will work to achieve optimum supply side efficiency while we work in parallel to optimize our energy uses. Imagine substituting the economic impact of exporting dilute bitumen with economic growth based upon the development and commercialization and export of “energy farm” renewable systems. This is my personal opinion based upon nearly 30 years of professional experience in the energy sector. It is an opinion that respects the need to harmonize “Nature, People and Enterprise”.


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