Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.


It’s been quiet here for a while with it having been a very busy spring . . . summer . . . and fall with presentations, surveys, and other trips taking me to other places on British Columbia’s beautiful coast.

Now, I’m back. I’m solidly back for the winter to the little place on the planet where I have the extraordinary privilege of knowing individual fish to individual whales. This place that drew me in so many years ago. This place I love more than any other.

I thought I would share today’s photos taken while going out for a dive from Telegraph Cove.

Photos of home.

At the Surface

Bull Kelp Forest at slack tide. NE Vancouver Island in the background. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.

The World Below

Mountain of life just below the surface. Includes an Orange Peel Nudibranch feeding on Red Soft Coral. Nudibranch species to 50 cm. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.

Colour. Beauty. Fragility. Mystery. Right below the surface. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.

Holdfasts of Bull Kelp. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.

The Forest

Sun streaming through the Bull Kelp forest. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.


Dive buddy Callah McCarroll during our safety stop. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.

Dive boat at the surface. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.

Returning to Shore

Was able to ID Humpback Whale “Hunter” on the way back. Known to us at the Marine Education and Research Society since 2011 when s/he was already an adult. ©2017 Jackie Hildering.

3 Responses to “Home”

  1. Wendy Whyte

    Beautiful photos as always Jackie. Makes me wish we were back on Vancouver Island, hopefully, one day. Still travelling and enjoying the wildlife around the world but if we lived on Vancouver Island I don’t think I’d ever travel again 😉


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